Foot(er)ing the bill

Submitted by hrm on 16 September, 2008 - 15:01

I've just had an email from a professional firm about some work I want them to do. The email breaks down as follows:

  • 1 line of greeting
  • 5 lines of content
  • 2 lines of sign-off
  • 5 lines of personal signature (position, phone number)
  • 7 lines of company details (address, companies house info)
  • 3 lines of partners names and company phone number
  • 7 lines of legal disclaimer
  • 9 lines explaining how to read the attached PDF document
  • 7 lines of advertising pointing at their website
  • 24 lines of spacing and padding, half of which are unnecessary

So, of 70 lines of text, 10 (14%) are directly related to the content of the mail I sent. The remainder are pointless, unnecessary or spam. Not a good ratio.

5 + x = 10

What lines were related, other than the five of content? If I ignore all those larger than five, and scan the rest, I'm unclear how to choose amongst them to make the other five. Is this a logic puzzle? :)

Greeting, line of blank, 5

Greeting, line of blank, 5 lines of content, line of blank, two lines of sign-off.