magellan v0.2.9

Submitted by hrm on 28 September, 2008 - 20:39

A new version, with some minor bugfixes, improved documentation, and several new plugin features.

  • Fix bug with no config file provided
  • Fix uninitialised line counter in lexer
  • Fix dynamic loader failing to link plugins that use each other
  • Fix build process for plugins
  • Added maptools directory
  • Added default file location search
  • Updates for stricter compilers
  • More complete documentation
  • Mercator projection
  • Day/Night content
  • Circular orbit now accepts offsets from "now" as start points
  • References to named sections in the config file
  • More helper functions for parsing config sections
  • Canvas output to use as temporary output storage
  • Translated viewport type

Download magellan-0.2.9.tar.gz

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