DVB video recording scripts


Magellan puts pictures of the world (or of any other sphere) on your desktop.

It will handle any number of different map projections, and will output to the X root window, or to a bitmap file. It can render multiple projections to a single output, and is fully configurable, with a modular design to allow plugins for alternative output methods and projections.


Ontomedia is an academic project to develop ontologies and tools for describing media and narratives using Semantic Web technologies such as RDF and OWL. For more information, see the Ontomedia website.


Calliope is a video recorder for DVB systems. It currently features a simple AJAX web-based UI, and supports TV tuners placed on arbitrary machines on the local network.

At the moment, it's in a very rough state, but appears to be functional for the purposes of making recordings. There's little or no documentation on how to set it up -- if you want to try it out and can't work out what all the bits do, mail me.


Virtual machine management for qemu.


Egregium is a first-person shooter, harking back to the days of the 8-bit micro.


A graphical user interface for managing btrfs filesystems.