Drupal and blog filtering again

After some struggling over the last couple of days to sort out tag-based blog aggregator filtering in Drupal, here's how I did it, with the extra patches and sub-modules I needed to make it work.

Drup, drup, drup...

... the sound of blog filtering through the percolator.

I've been putting together a website for my current work project, in Drupal, and wanted to aggregate items from many blogs, filtered by keyword on the item's tags. Now, Drupal's default Aggregator module doesn't do this. The News Page module seems to offer the feature, but I couldn't get it to display any blog posts, which was rather a shame. I eventually wound up with the FeedAPI modules.

Playing with Drupal again

I'm playing with Drupal, to see how I can aggregate RSS news items with particular tag keywords from several sources into a single place. It seems that the Drupal Aggregator module doesn't do that, but that the News Item plugin can be used to make it work.

This post is more of a test of that mechanism, than actually saying anything interesting. :)

Site revamp

Well, I've dragged myself into another small part of the 20th Century. A new website based on Drupal (after having seen the lug.org.uk site going up. This also means that I get to write a blog an occasional series of brief articles.