Sitting up and giving notice

After a few weeks of negotiations, and another couple of agonising weeks of waiting for the paperwork to come through, I’ve been formally offered a job at Reading University’s ACET group, working on a project called VERA. Initially, I’ll be doing work on cross-database searching with peer-to-peer software, although there’s a big bunch of other things that need doing… 3D visualisation, semantic web, usability, and open-sourcing an established piece of software.

I’m really looking forward to the job, because it’s getting me back into research, and they’re an interesting bunch of people looking at all manner of interdisciplinary research problems. There’ll also be some teaching to be done within the department, which I’ve not done a lot of before, but which will be good for the career.

The only tricky bit will be finding a flat or a small house in Reading that I can both afford to buy and stand to live in. It’s off to Reading with the double-barrelled house-gun at the weekend…