Evil Plot, Part 1

From our reporter in the Department of Vague Stuff.

I have an evil plan. It’s been brewing for a while (subversion tells me since April 13th). With a few trusted Persons of Hench in the know, we’ve been working at a slow but steady rate on some code:

hrm@joshua:wor $ find \( -name \*.py -o -name \*.js \) | xargs cat | wc -l

Still working on the core code, which is a pain to deal with (I’m writing the vast majority of it, so progress is slow, but at least I know where I’m going with it). Once the core is substantially complete, we can head off into the wilds of our imaginations with everything else.

As a result of this work, however, I’m learning more about Python than I ever thought I would. It’s been an interesting trip, and I’m starting to like the language even more than I already did. It’s also been a good opportunity to play with some interesting aspects of distributed systems architecture that I’ve recently encountered. Again, all good fun, and surprisingly painless to implement.

Exciting times! More news from the Department of Vauge Stuff later…